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Bunion Treatment in Counties Across Ireland.

A bunion is a combination of an enlargement of the joint at the base and side of the big toe as well as the big toe being angled towards the rest of the toes (this angulation is known as Hallux Valgus).

A bunion can lead to other foot deformities and problems such as a hammer toe of the second toe, corns and calluses as well as ingrown toenails. So if the pain isn't enough of a driving factor, the chance of developing these further complications should outline the importance and urgency of seeking treatment with a podiatrist.

Our Treatment

Initial Consultation: The initial goal of treatment is to relieve pressure on the bunion and to halt or slow the progression of the joint deformity through manual therapy and other treatments. As bunions can be caused by a number of different factors, ranging from tight fitting footwear or injury to genetics (if you have a family history of bunions), our Podiatrists will diagnose the cause in order to provide you with a personalised treatment plan. We will assess your gait (the way you walk) to determine if there is any instability in your foot and if necessary, an orthotic device may be prescribed. We will also address any footwear issues that you may be having and advise you on more appropriate footwear if needed.

Follow Up: Our Podiatrists may then assess the instability in your foot through gait scan and then prescribe an orthotic device for your shoes to help correct this imbalance and stabilise the joint at the bunion area.  If the problem persists and the pain doesn't subside, then a surgical referral is necessary. Surgery is the only way to fully correct a bunion but our Podiatrist can help with the symptoms, can relieve some of the pain and pressure and can improve your range of motion. Post-surgery custom orthotics can help to prevent the bunion from developing again.


What Our Podiatrists Say

We understand that bunion pain can range from minor to severe, to the point where walking comfortably in shoes is a challenge! Our Podiatrists have extensive experience in the treatment of bunions. We will assess your condition, determine the underlying cause and offer you the best treatment to reduce any pain near the joint, redness and swelling or restricted movement that can occur from bunions.

Jade Tagamus, BSc Podiatry MSCPI

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