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We Offer Heel Pain Treatment In Clinics Across Ireland.

Heel pain can vary from moderate to severe pain that can make walking and daily tasks a chore if not treated. There are a number of different conditions which can cause heel pain so it is important that your heel is properly assessed and diagnosed by a Podiatrist.

The most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis. This is where the tissue becomes inflamed at the heel bone or along sole of the foot between the heel and toe. Another condition commonly referred to as a heel spur can also cause pain in the heel. A heel spur is when a spike of bone has been pulled away from the heel bone, where the plantar fascia inserts, causing pain in the area directly under the heel on direct pressure. Treatment for heel spurs is another area in which our podiatrists specialise in.

Our Treatment

Initial Consultation: If the condition is a mechanical and slow onset type pain then our Podiatrist will provide the same treatment as for plantar fasciitis. If it is a sudden onset, then rest and a soft heel cushion – along with soft walking or running shoes to cushion the area are advised. This should be used alongside, ice therapy, stretching and Physio where necessary.

Follow Up: If the condition does not reduce significantly within 3 months then it can be useful to have a steroid injection under ultrasound guidance in order to reduce the sever inflammation in the area.


What Our Podiatrists Say

The longer you have had your heel pain, the longer it generally takes for the condition to become better, so the key to treatment is early assessment. Try and get to a Podiatrist for assessment as early as possible rather than self treating.

Jade Tagamus, BSc Podiatry MSCPI

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